The Top Best Tasting Fishes to Eat In (2020)

Not only is seafood healthy for you, but they are delicious as well if you know what you’re choosing; and that’s the problem, there are so many choices, it’s hard to tell which is the best-tasting fish to eat. For those of you who are fortunate enough to be close by to a fish market where fresh access is readily available, great! For the many of us who aren’t so lucky, we thank the internet for easier access to fresh seafood these days. However, we do pay higher prices for them, so it’s vital we choose a fish that is tasty to eat. Everyone will have their preferences, so use this list of some of the best tasting fishes and decide which one will be worth trying.

Best Tasting Salt Water Fishes

This list is separated into two categories: freshwater fishes and saltwater fishes. We’ll start off with saltwater fishes because they’re a little more popular.


Swordfish is like the “steak of the sea.” It’s very meaty, and the texture is very dense. The meat remains moist even after cooking, and there is a subtle, mild sweetness with every bite. If you love your steaks, but you want some seafood, then go for a swordfish steak. Swordfish are best cooked on the grill or pan-fried.


Halibut is firm and meaty, but also very lean and flaky. The taste is mild, and there is a hint of sweetness. It doesn’t have a lot of oil content. Be careful not to dry it out when cooking with dry heat (such as grilling).

Halibut is a favorite because it tastes so darn good, and also because it’s so very versatile. You can cook it however you want. Any of the following cooking methods will work well for halibut.





Frying in batter/crumbs




Whichever cooking method is your favorite; you just can’t go wrong.


Swordfish, not your style because you’re a chicken lover? No problem, you’ve got Cod, the “chicken of the sea.” Cod is white, delicate, and flaky. The taste is mild, so there is isn’t anything that makes it overpowering. Buying quality cod, you’ll taste a hint of butter.

The reason why cod is labeled “the chicken of the sea” is also because it’s so versatile (just like chicken). You can cook it in many ways, and it will turn out great. Really, it’s hard to mess up cod, so go ahead and bake, fry, poach, broil, sear, or grill it; it will still be tasty.

Chilean Sea Bass

Don’t let the name fool you. If you’ve had freshwater bass before, don’t be turned off by the name because Chilean sea bass tastes nothing like freshwater bass. If you’re turned off the fishy taste that comes with fishes, this is the choice for you. Chilean sea bass has the least fishy smell and taste to it. Give it a try if you’re also cooking for someone who isn’t too fond of fish.

The meat is high in healthy omega-3 fats. It is firm with a very meaty texture.  The meat is very mild, but there is a hint of sweetness to it. You can grill it, pan-fry, steam, or poach it.

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