Kids Should Play With Traditional Toys Like Kitchen Sets

Today, more and more kids are losing the touch with some traditional toys, and while that might not seem like a big problem to some parents, it actually has a lot of consequences on their development. Not only that they are making bad habits by just sitting in front of the television and playing games, but they are also not socializing with each other, and they are not getting enough exercise.

Why are kitchen sets good for kids?

A couple of years ago, children were still playing with toys like kitchen sets, and the reason why they are so important, is because they can teach them some of the basics when it comes to taking care of themselves. Some of the best kids play kitchen from Step2 Direct or similar online stores are quite well equipped, and you can use those sets to teach kids how to create some basic sandwiches and other meals.

While kitchen sets might seem like a mere toy to us adults, it allows kids to express how they feel, and it allows them to take some form of responsibility by pretending that they are adults. Of course, while they are playing with each other, they will also bolster their imagination and improve their creativity, which are very important when it comes to the development on the motor part of the brain.

Kitchen sets are great for children

Some kitchen sets are quite equipped

If you are looking at the right place, such as the or some similar modern toy stores, you can find all the accessories that your child can use during their scout days, where they can create some homemade cookies with your aid using the tools that come in the kitchen set.

While it might be a bit more difficult to make cookies that way, it will definitely be safer for the kids, as easy bake ovens have plenty of safety features. Naturally, when your kids are using the kitchen play sets to experiment with food, it is highly advised that you are there with them.

Basics of using the utensils

Many kitchen sets will have all kinds of plastic forks, knives which are completely safe for your child. You can slowly use those toys to ease them into using the real utensils as they grow up, as they will have to learn how to use them at some point, and it is always better to teach them things from the simplest form.

Some playhouses come with kitchen sets

Final Word

Children these days are unfortunately having things much easier than kids in the past, and while that may be good in some situations, it is not the best thing when it comes to their future. It is very important for children to experiment with toys, to make new friends, and of course, it is very important to find some kind of toys that will allow you to teach them things that are mandatory for them once they become older.


3 Great Tips to Make Your Child Interested in Drawing and Painting

Not every child is good at drawing and painting. Even worse is that children get frustrated when they find that they can’t paint well enough while some of their classmates get praises from teachers for a great artwork.

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If you child falls in this category, you too feel sad about her and wonder what a solution can be. But if you make a little use of your creativity, you can find an easy solution, and even trigger the creativity in your child.

Here are some ideas.

1. Give Less Importance to Perfection

Children often feel that they should draw and paint an object exactly as it is. If they cannot do that, they feel that they are a failure.

Show them paintings of great artists or even some not-so-famous artists or pictures in books and make them realise that artists have freed their imagination to draw objects of whatever shape, such as round eyes, pointed ears, square lips and painted them in strange colours like pink trees, blue leaves, red sky and so on.

Make them also understand that the paintings still look great with such weird shapes and colours. This will make the child feel relaxed that he can use his imagination to create paintings that don’t need to be perfect but still may look great.

2. Teach Making Use of Objects Available to Achieve Good Shapes

Children also get frustrated when they can’t draw perfect lines, circles, butterflies’ wings and stars. Teach them to use objects available at hand to draw various shapes.

There are innumerable such objects including the child’s palms and feet, fruit and vegetable cut into halves, coins (for perfect circles), leaves, old toothbrushes, and so on.

Once you give the idea of using these objects to your child, she will be able to use her own imagination to find objects and use them for paintings.

Thus when she is finding it difficult to draw a tree, she can paint her palm, imprint it on the paper, use another small object like her thumb to dip into colours and imprint leaves on sides of branches i.e. fingers and create an “easy” tree.

Tell her that not only the flat side of the palm but even a fist can be used to imprint interesting shapes with which she can create pictures of birds, tortoises, rats, snakes and so on.

Similarly she can use the sides of cardboards to create lines of a house, its doors and windows, fence and so on. If she feels frustrated while drawing lines, she’d love this idea and feel relaxed and confident.

Also make use of art materials available at or at any other reputable toy store online to let your child create her tiny but great works of art.

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3. Make Your Child Understand the Beauty of Asymmetry

Just like perfection, symmetry is also a cause of stress for children when they can’t achieve it. Again show them pictures in which asymmetry has been used to create great beauty.

For example, a cluster of wildflowers standing only in a corner of the drawing paper looks beautiful and delivers a pleasant meaning to the viewer.

With the colourful art kits for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, you can encourage your child to draw and paint and remove their frustration. Happy kids’ art!


Top Features of the Teddy Fleece Duvet Set

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How Innovative Teddy Fleece Duvet Set is?

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Why Fleece Bedding Set?

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Stunning Designs

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